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Combination of Neutral Henna Powder with high quality permanent dye ingredients covers your gray hair and gives extra protection to prevent dryness. Adds extra shine and lustrous to your hair.

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“Dreamron” Natural Henna Leaf Powder is non-toxic, non-irritant 100% pure natural herbal cosmetic product, which used to color the hair. It strengthens and provides an additional protective coating the hair.

When “ Dreamron “ Natural Henna Leaf Powder is applied to black hair you will get a warm reddish brown luster. For lighter hair a golden brown and on gray hair a light brown luster can be achieved.

Regular application will enhance the color tone and helps to prevent dandruff.

Unlike artificial colors, “Dreamron” Natural Henna Leaf Powder does not cause any damage to your hair.

Direction/ How to Use

Get a clean plastic or glass bowl and put required amount of Henna Powder. Then add warm water little by little and mix, till it get loose paste and allow to stand.

Shampoo hair using mild shampoo, towel dry & comb well. If the paste is thick, add warm water. Cover neck & cloths to prevent from staining & wear gloves before apply. Then apply henna paste thoroughly. Then cover head with a plastic or polythene bag & allow to infuse 20-30 min. to get maximum results, increase the absorption time. Finally shampoo   the hair and rinse with warm water

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