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Argan Oil Black Hair Dye Shampoo Dyes Grey Hair Black nDyes most color hair to black hair within minutes nPlant base product nSuitable for men and women nSuitable for all hair types nDermatologically Tested nMoisturise your hair Argan Oil Black Hair Dye Shampoo changes your grey hair to black within minutes of applying it to damp hair. It is a non- toxic hair dye shampoo in comparison to the traditional hair color cream. nThe Argan Oil Black Hair Shampoo is plant based. This shampoo is specially designed to change the color of your hair to black by simply washing the hair with the product. nYou can use it to dye several hair colors such as blonde, red, brunette or other hair colours to black within 5 minutes of applying the black color shampoo to the damp hair. nInstructions nFirstly, if hair contains excess grease or hair products, wash with regular shampoo. Next, towel blot and leave damp. Put on gloves and open one pack of Argan Oil Black Hair Color Shampoo. nApply the shampoo to the hair distributing it evenly on hair and massaging it into the hair for a few minutes. Make sure all of the gray hair is covered and that all of the hair dye shampoo is poured, squeezed or scraped out of pack and applied to gray hair. nLeave in the Argan Oil Black Hair Color Shampoo in hair for a few extra (3-5) minutes. Rinse out the Argan Oil Black Hair Shampoo thoroughly from the hair. Condition hair with regular conditioner and style as desired. nGive yourself a new look and be admired. Repeat as desired. Very long hair may require two packs for adequate coverage and desired results. Make sure to avoid contact with eyes. If product enter eyes, wash thoroughly and you may pay a visit to an specialist. As with all hair dyes, product should be used one week before or after chemical process on hair.

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